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Our Mission

The OneForJasmina Foundation

How we started

Jasmina was diagnosed with leukemia on January 20, 2009 and the year that followed was nothing short of a rollercoaster ride. Through the ebb and flow of her illness, coupled with our intense search for a donor match (the net for which kept being cast ever more widely), we received the utmost support from friends, family, and total strangers. The tremendous outpouring of support has not only been very much appreciated, it has been, with the powerful and loving energy of this little six-year-old, turned into concrete building blocks for the foundation of improving the chances of overcoming childhood leukemia. The force of unity, community and love is indescribable.

Since that January day, networks and connections were made, websites were designed, donor drives were arranged and fundraisers were created. With the help of the media and numerous celebrities, we were able to broadcast Jasmina’s story and educated millions on the importance of joining bone marrow registries worldwide.

The primary source behind all this was Jasmina; a cultured, beautiful, creative, genuine and loving child with the mission of an angel. Jasmina was blessed with a remarkable gift, which enabled her to touch everyone around her and eventually, the world. Though Jasmina’s time on Earth was short, her legend will live long.

Jasmina’s mother, Thea Anema, and her friends and family, are determined to continue Jasmina’s legacy via The OneForJasmina Foundation.
Through this, Jasmina’s voice will still be heard, her dances will still be danced and her love will continue to touch all.

Our Mission and Goals

  • Continue to recruit people to register at donor banks worldwide by close cooperation with national donor banks and other organizations.
  • Increase the number of minority (primarily African-American) donors in bone marrow registries worldwide by working closely with the African American community and the foundations and organizations supporting it, e.g., NAACP. History from our Jasmina drives suggests we can empower and recruit minority donors.
  • Work towards creating a universal network through which local and international bone marrow registries can work together, simplifying and speeding up the process and saving more lives.
  • Increase educational outreach so that people will be more willing to donate once they understand that the testing process is quite simple. As Jasmina’s friend Isabelle says “It’s so easy, a five-year-old can show you how”.
  • Advocate for a new system/law that would allow people the option to register for bone marrow registries while signing up for driver’s licenses, etc (similar to the organ donation option). Possibly, join forces with blood banks—people can register while they are signing up to donate blood and vice versa.
  • Create an annual National Bone Marrow Registry Day in honor of Jasmina—March 4, her birthday.
  • Create a leukemia-focused children’s book, which would help children cope and better comprehend their cancer diagnoses. This book would explore the mental, emotional, and physical changes associated with cancer in language easier for children to understand.
  • Generate funding through marketing, merchandising and events to be used toward the researching, networking, promoting and educating (essentially to meet the above goals).